What Is Crypto Coin Checkup?

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Welcome to Crypto Coin Checkup. My name is Garrett, a 23 year old entrepreneur from Phoenix, Arizona. I am the founder of Crypto Coin Checkup; a website made to educate people about the world of crypto. I’m a huge fan of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, as well as a member of the Crypto Nation.

I’ll give a short background about me. I am a huge gamer, techie and I love to cook. Creating video games and building businesses are my two favorite things to do. I am a self-taught web designer, graphic designer, & more. I love to program and I’m always learning and improving.

I created this website to help the average Joe learn about Bitcoin and the world of crypto. Most websites are far too technical, even those who say they aren’t. And it won’t stop there. I will also be going into detail reviewing alt coins, guides on mining, building random tools, and more. There may not be many guides or reviews yet, but I will be working non-stop to create as many helpful guides as I can.

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